*Comes in a 12cm coir pot

*Country or Origin: Southern Mexico - Panama


This easy care plant brings such excitement to anyone that owns one. Waiting for new leaves to unfurl is joyous in its self, which is made even more exciting when the leaves have fenestrations (Holes in them).

These little babies will grow extremely big quite quickly and with the right care will start producing fenestrated leaves very soon, if they haven’t already.



Light // Bright indirect light

Water // Allow to dry slightly between waterings

Humidity // They LOVE humidity and therefore make great bathroom plants. They will however be absolutely fine in most brightly lit rooms

Feed // Feed every other week during the growing season with a liquid fertiliser






About Harriets Plants  The UK’s only peat-free commercial houseplant grower


Harriet grows house plants right here in the UK. All plants are peat-free, come in coir pots (no plastic) and come direct from her wonderfil glasshouse in Staffordshire.


No imports, No plastics, No Peat 


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Monstera deliciosa // Swiss cheese plant