*Comes in a 12cm coir pot

*Country of Origin: Mozambique and South Africa


This easy to care for, fleshy, jade plant is extremely tolerant of drought. Perfect for the forgetful plant parent and will grow in to a lovely, easy to care for tree, with time. They are also known to give good luck to their owners and financial prosperity, making it a popular plant to gift.
If treated right you may even get a burst of light pink or white flowers in spring.



Light // Bright indirect - Direct morning sun

Water // Underwatering is best for these plants. Allowing them to dry out almost completely between waterings will ensure your plant won’t rot.

Humidity // Isn’t necessary

Feed // Isn’t necessary but you could feed her twice a year with a 1/4 strength liquid fertiliser to give her a little feed.




About Harriets Plants  The UK’s only peat-free commercial houseplant grower


Harriet grows house plants right here in the UK. All plants are peat-free, come in coir pots (no plastic) and come direct from her wonderfil glasshouse in Staffordshire.


No imports, no plastics, No Peat 


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Crassula ovata // jade plant